An Escort And Her Memoirs

What’s a young lady to do on her day off? Working with London escorts, I’ve become so accustomed to a restricted timetable. It’d be the usual sleep ins and running of errands when the sun is still out. From time to time, when my routine permits, I’ll cook something scrumptious as a treat for myself. I then go to the club or to a client or two. Now, a day to myself in a very long time. I need to keep myself occupied.

Perhaps I shouldn’t think of it in this way. I’ve stayed in this profession for almost 5 whole years now. I like this. I really like the job. My boss treats me well. My customers are similarly amazing. With the occasional few being duds. Guys along with their needy justifications. I come across these kind of clients from time to time and they literally have no idea what a girl thinks like. More so, what a veteran from London escorts is like. They puff their torso, and show off their hard weenies… but after a few minutes, pooof! Done! It’s all over!

Obviously, I get lucky sometimes with some men of my dreams. Wow. A number of them are just so mesmerizing. My underwear will seem to have a life of its own. I should not have put them on in the first place. They’d end up being so moist and pointless in that short time anyhow.

Out of all my clientele so far, Jim is my favourite. Jim is really something. He would call for me to go to his residence. He’s a business person but he never ever seems to be like one. You get what I’m trying to say? He’s cool and not someone full of himself. When I see him in his suit, I’ll want him more. I can’t wait to get him out of his clothes! Every time we meet in his condo, he’ll have prepared a wine bottle. Like, hello, why bother? The one thing I want to do is to get all nude and ride him hard.

Of course, I’ll always play along with his teases. We’ll sip the wine slowly and gradually while he talks about how his day went. While he does all that, his eyes would slowly shift towards my breasts. Like he is stripping me nude in his thoughts. Sometimes, I just want the teasing to stop and get it on! Needless to say, the anticipation is fascinating in itself as the spot in between my legs gets wetter and wetter. By this time, I am already so excited. My erect nipples would be firm at that moment. My panties would be soaking wet. The littlest contact would send chills down my spine. The only thing I’m able to think of at that time is him inside me.

He takes his time, the bastard, haha! I am confident he knows what he’s doing. A person with his level of exposure to London escorts will know just what turns us on. He can tell how badly I’m craving for him.

Oftentimes, I cut things short. When I have had enough, I’d grab at his hard-on. (Indeed, that hard-on is really easy to recognize!) I’d personally unzip him and take him in my mouth.|I’ll unbuckle his belt and take his trousers off of him and stick his weenie into my mouth. As I do that, my fingers will find their way straight down my dress. I feel relief for a time just touching myself while I blow him.

It appears to be getting a little stuffy around here. Perhaps it’s simply me! Daydreaming my day off, who would’ve thought that can be so thrilling?!

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