An Escort And Her Memoirs

What’s a young lady to do on her day off? Working with London escorts, I’ve become so accustomed to a restricted timetable. It’d be the usual sleep ins and running of errands when the sun is still out. From time to time, when my routine permits, I’ll cook something scrumptious as a treat for myself.
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Fighting Stagnation With Massage

We are a group of sensual masseuses who offer tantric massage in Las Vegas to our regular clientèle. What we are not is economists. However in our opinion you do not need a degree in Economics from somewhere like Oxford University or to have worked in some economic think tank to know that the global economy
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Spitzer Sex Not Victimless: Women Pay a High Price

Social deviant Eliot Spitzer’s public support of cyber flasher Anthony Weiner’s run for mayoral office shouldn’t surprise anyone. Politicians with sex scandals stick together. Let’s go further, men who cheat stick together. So, if you happen to live in New York State, then know your tax dollars will help fund Weiner’s ill-fated attempt. What’s interesting
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