Should I Have Kids?

I had my first at 34. I didn’t really want kids but my husband talked me around eventually. I grew up without a Dad and it sucked so I waited an extra few years more after we eventually got around to marrying to make sure he was gonna stick around. Fast forward, the eldest is 5 and the twins are 4 and husband decided it’s all too hard to raise a family and says see ya.

Don’t get me wrong, now they’re here I don’t regret my kids. But I should have stuck to my decision.

Children are hard work and even harder on your own. It puts a huge stress on relationship. I’m just saying I never thought in my wildest dreams my husband would jump ship but it happens more often than not.

Just my thoughts from the other side of the coin, have a great life, go traveling, see the world, save some away for retirement in something secure and then die.

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