Impressive sex facts

92% of all males and 62% of females reported masturbating. Nearly 85% of men and 45% of women who were living with a sexual partner reported masturbating in the past year. 27% of men and 19% of women had oral sex in the past year. 23% of men and 11% of women bought X-rated movies
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Woodgate valley Escorts

Take a stroll through the park Imagine yourself escaping from the turmoil of busy cities and daily rushes, taking a stroll through a green and grassy park, perhaps walking your dog, or even riding a horse, and all these while having a beautiful lady at your side, a woman that will catch the eye of
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Spitzer Sex Not Victimless: Women Pay a High Price

Social deviant Eliot Spitzer’s public support of cyber flasher Anthony Weiner’s run for mayoral office shouldn’t surprise anyone. Politicians with sex scandals stick together. Let’s go further, men who cheat stick together. So, if you happen to live in New York State, then know your tax dollars will help fund Weiner’s ill-fated attempt. What’s interesting
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